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Super Tasty Bag

Super Tasty Bag

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For a night of treats with your family or housemates try our Super Tasty Bag.

(2) Pints super premium Goody’s Ice cream
* Choice of any Current Goody’s Flavors
(4) World famous homemade Goody’s Waffle Cones
* Choice of classic waffle, classic dipped in chocolate or chocolate waffle
(1) Medium Goody’s Specialty popcorn
* Choice of Peanut Butter, Chocolate Swirl, Chicago style
(4) Chocolate covered Oreos.
* Choice of Milk, Dark, Mint or Peanut Butter

(5) Pieces of assorted Goody’s top selling chocolates

If you select more than one flavor, you will receive an equal amount of both flavors.