Sundae Bag
Sundae Bag

Sundae Bag

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Bring home a Goody's Sundae Bag and create your own Goody's sundae creations in the comfort of your own home! Goody's has bundled everything you need for Family Sundae Night! Bring home your Goody's Sundae Bag tonight!

(2) Pints super premium Goody’s Ice cream
* Choice of any Current Goody’s Flavors
(4) World famous homemade Goody’s Waffle Bowls or Cones
(1) Handmade Topping
* Choice of Hot Fudge, Caramel, or Marionberry (Or Choice of No Topping)
(1) Candy Topping
* Choice of Crushed Oreo, Gummy Bears, Mini Chocolate Chips (or Choice of No Candy Topping)
(1) Sprinkles
* Choice of Rainbow, Chocolate (or Choice of No Sprinkles)

(1) Chopped Peanuts (or Choice of No Nuts)

Currently available for pickup at our Downtown Bend and Sunriver locations.